Kitchen Renovation/Dining Addition/Dormer Repair

The scope of this project was to renovate the kitchen, add a 14x14 dining addition which also will house an upright piano and extend/modify the dormer to eliminate a snow buildup problem.

When we got into what should have been a simple 4' extension of the dormer we found that the dormer had been poorly framed-undersized lumber and failure to carry roof loads to the ground had resulted over 30 years into a near failure of the roof. We observed a 3" sag in the rafters at the worst point!

The finished product gives the owner a  stable and sturdy dormer, reduced maintenance, a beautiful new kitchen and a dining room space.

Montpelier renovation...

This project is an interesting one. I would describe it as a collaboration between us (the builders), the designer, the homeowner, two painters and a heating systems company. The job has many aspects to it. After a structural assessment we addressed a few support issues in the basement with new footers and posts. We replaced a number of large double hung windows in terrible shape with new Marvin full replacements. We duplicated the historic trim inside and out and one painter did a fantastic job matching the trim to the old mahogany. We have performed numerous floor patches to match the old floor as the old radiators have been replaced. The new heating system is a Pellergy boiler with Runtal low temp panels that operate at 140 degrees. The heating project has been mostly the brainchild of the homeowner and heating company and will also include solar panels. We have altered closets and walls. The project also includes a full kitchen remodel.

Partial kitchen renovation...

The customer wanted to add a dishwasher and update the kitchen a bit but did not have the budget to redo the whole kitchen. We came up with a solution for about 1/3 the price. We changed out the sink base and added new Cambria counters. They chose a top mount stainless sink with a shallow bowl because they are tall and don't like to stoop over the sink. They also chose a stainless dishwasher which matches the counters well without clashing with the white stove. We also added a new outlet and updated to GFI outlets and added a tile backsplash. We were able to keep all of the old built in upper cabinets and one of the lower cabinets (with a little alteration). I think it all came together nicely and fits fairly seamlessly.

Mother in-law house renovation...


This 600 ft2 house was originally built as a camp and then added onto. Major demo work, moving and removing walls, removing carpet, repairing subfloor. Old chimney was torn out. New plumbing. Upgraded insulation in walls and air sealing on many walls. Added a bath fan for ventilation/moisture. Blocking up doors and windows. Laid a solid wood floor and tile for the bath floor and shower surround. Installed a stacked washer/dryer behind a bi-fold door in the bathroom. It was all topped off with a marble counter and stainless/black appliances. The customer noted that the solid surface stove has made an excellent small house extra counter space for cooking projects.