Montpelier half bath

Renovation of half bathroom in progress. Bathroom is about 4'x4' with a 2'x2' little alcove in it. The sink above is in the little alcove. My favorite thing about this style of toilet is how easy they are to clean since the base is all one solid plane. Have also installed 12" Vermont slate tile. The new wainscoting is clear pine painted white.

Kowalski porch...

front view tile stairs

This project was begun in the summer of 2008. We chose to keep the old roof  intact. The old porch was falling down due to heaving piers, wasp infestation and general deterioration. We salvaged the old pressure treated lumber and some of the other lumber and cedar siding for use elsewhere on the property. The ceiling is insulated with the idea that one day the porch may be fully enclosed.  Originally we were going to do the timber frame with reclaimed spruce but that option fell through in November. The frame is now eastern tamarack which was milled about 30 miles from the site. The frame has been treated with UV blocking oil and and oil/wax finish. The tile is 18" slate. The railings are fir reclaimed from a old granite shed and re-sawn by the neighbor across the road. All that is left now is to put up the screen door and screens.

view from inside porch
porch design

Live edge stairs...


These stairs were constructed using two 9 quarter by 20 inch live edge white pine stringers. The white pine was milled up in central Vermont. Stained with a warm golden stain. Treads and risers were slotted into routed grooves. To be trimmed with hickory treads sometime in the future for final finish.