Curved Porch Renovation

This curved porch is located in Barre. It is the former house of DeForest Clinton Jarvis, probably known to few, but he wrote a 1958 book Folk Medicine: A Vermont Doctor's Guide to Good Health. 

Anyway, the porch was trimmed out with short straight bits of crown moulding which may have looked ok at some point but were in a terrible state of disrepair. We removed all the old crown moulding and rehabbed the dentile area below it. The new curved crown moulding was constructed from laminated strips of wood which were glued up into a curve and then milled with the matching crown profile using a custom shaper knife which matched the old profile.

There was also a lot of sheathing and framing repair. Re-roofing was also in the scope of work with new black drip edge. A difficult and challenging project but in the end a satisfying result.

Before and after photos below...

Middlesex addition...

Above is a drawing for an addition that we did  in Middlesex. It is a 2 car garage/mudroom/bath addition. The site ended up having a lot of ledge and to accommodate the drainage we have a stepped foundation that follows the site grade. The bathroom has warmboard hydronic radiant floor heat, tile floor and wainscot and a curbless shower with heated floor and bench. Roman tub with wall mount faucets.

There is a wedge shaped connector between the mudroom and garage to allow the garage to sit at a good angle for pulling in and to give the building footprint a more dynamic shape. This was a design that greatly benefitted from 3D design as we went through a number of ideas before settling on this one and being able to see the project in 3 dimensions helped the design team and client decide what worked best visually and functionally. This project also benefited  from design savvy owners as they were highly involved in creating a number of aesthetic decisions.

Screened in porch

screen porch with furniture
screen porch with furniture

The goal of this project was to re-use materials from the old porch where possible and aim for a rough Adirondacky look. This screened in porch was re-constructed on a site where the old porch had heaved due to piers that were not done properly. We took down the old porch and used the excavator to lever up the deck so we could set new piers. Then we lowered the old deck framing and re-attached it to the house. We were also able to re-use the old floorboards as wall covering on the inside of the walls. We partially sanded off the old dark stain and then oiled them with Penofin Verde. The rafters and tongue and groove roof boards are stained with mahogany stain and then oiled. We also oiled the cedar deck boards with the Penofin product.

Screening in the porch...

This past week we have been screening in a porch that we built a few years ago.  The customer decided that it was more important to keep the blackflies at bay than to have a 100% unobstructed view. We used vertical grain fir for the trim pieces and charcoal screen.

porch screened in
porch screened in
screening porch
screening porch

Kowalski porch...

front view tile stairs

This project was begun in the summer of 2008. We chose to keep the old roof  intact. The old porch was falling down due to heaving piers, wasp infestation and general deterioration. We salvaged the old pressure treated lumber and some of the other lumber and cedar siding for use elsewhere on the property. The ceiling is insulated with the idea that one day the porch may be fully enclosed.  Originally we were going to do the timber frame with reclaimed spruce but that option fell through in November. The frame is now eastern tamarack which was milled about 30 miles from the site. The frame has been treated with UV blocking oil and and oil/wax finish. The tile is 18" slate. The railings are fir reclaimed from a old granite shed and re-sawn by the neighbor across the road. All that is left now is to put up the screen door and screens.

view from inside porch
porch design