Design and Planning Services

We offer a full range of design and planning services that are customized to the needs of the project and the interests of the client.

The process begins with a one hour meeting and initial estimate at no charge. We can then move on to provide straightforward sketches and simple estimates and finally on to more complex and fully detailed architectural or 3D drawings and budget planning. An added benefit of our 3D design service is that it provides clients with a multi-dimensional experience of actually standing within the newly designed space. Alternatively, we have worked with many designers in the Central Vermont area and are happy to work with a designer or architect that the client has selected.  

The design and planning process addresses the aesthetic, practical, structural, zoning and budgetary needs of the client and project. To begin, we work closely with clients to first identify broad design ideas, the project’s timeline, feasibility and pricing estimates.

After these initial steps, we work with clients to develop a detailed design of the project. As the project develops we will provide a detailed cost estimate for the project, arrange for required permitting and schedule any trade contractors such as plumbers and electricians that will be needed.

The design and planning process is a great opportunity for clients to get to know us. It is also an important step in ensuring that a project moves along in timely and efficient manner.  Additionally it is a great way to explore your options without going “all in” on a costly architectural design concept only to find it doesn’t meet your budgetary requirements.